Control Apps and Devices

Remotely Over Network

from iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™

  1. for your slide shows, presentations, and demos

  2. for your audio and video playback

  3. for live voting or survey response gathering

  4. for school exams and contests

  5. for FileMaker®, AppleScript® and Web applications

  6. for lights and other devices in your automated home or office

  7. for traffic lights, railway models, other real life models

  8. for anything else thanks to Net Remote's customizability

Use iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control

You can control even this website with 24U Net Remote. Launch the app, open the built-in Net Remote Intro layout and tap the Like or Dislike button to let us know your opinion. This website is waiting for your connection and will display the updated result instantly.

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Besides predefined ready-to-use layouts, 24U Net Remote lets you design any number of your own remote control layouts for your apps and devices. You can use the 24U Net Remote Layout Builder found on the Tools page, or prepare the layouts manually, following the instructions in the Layout Creation Kit. You can then easily install your custom layouts using the iTunes® file sharing.

Customize 24U Net Remote with your own layouts