Control Apps and Devices

Remotely Over Network

from iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™

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  1. Build your own custom remote control layouts

  2. Integrate 24U Net Remote with FileMaker® Pro

  3. Use 24U Net Remote to run AppleScript® scripts

  4. Have your web updated by tapping buttons in 24U Net Remote

  5. Automate your home with FileMaker Pro, Phidgets, and 24U Net Remote

  6. Turn your computer into a multimedia station controlled by iPhone

  7. Control your presentations and trade shows from your hand

Get the most out of 24U Net Remote with our tools and add-ons

Use this application to easily build your own remote control layouts for 24U Net Remote. You will need a copy of FileMaker Pro to use this solution. If you don't have one you can get a free trial at Get an unlocked version with full developer access to the whole solution to learn how it is done and customize it without limitations. Watch video...

24U Net Remote Layout Builder

Let your web server listen on the TCP port of your choice and respond to commands from 24U Net Remote. All you need is a web server or hosting account which allows you to run a system script and open a custom TCP port. You can then easily customize the script to update your web database or whatever else you like.

24U Net Remote Receiver for Web

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Make your Mac respond to commands from 24U Net Remote by running your own AppleScript scripts. This tool lets you use your iPhone or iPad to control Front Row multimedia browsing, Keynote presentations, iTunes music playback or any other application of your choice. You can even simulate a numeric keypad or turn your iPad into a custom keyboard for your Mac.

24U Net Remote Receiver for Mac


Create your own custom remote control layouts. This kit includes a sample "Hello World" layout with a detailed PDF guide describing how to prepare layout pictures, how to prepare layout description and layout archive, and how to install your custom layout to your iOS device with 24U Net Remote installed.

24U Net Remote Layout Creation Kit


Easily make your FileMaker solutions run scripts in response to tapping buttons in 24U Net Remote. Just copy a single script from this fully unlocked sample database and paste it into every solution you want to control from iPhone or iPad.

24U SimpleTalk Plug-In is needed to make this work.

24U Net Remote Receiver for FileMaker Pro

BUY SimpleTalk for $29

Build your own remote controls

Make your apps controllable by 24U Net Remote

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